Saturday, November 29, 2008

There's a few more.

Sukoshi fueta.

Since Deeje asked, here's a picture of the Pumpkin Daddy's handiwork.

lights 2008

And here's a picture of how the same tree looked last year.


You can see how he's added a few more lights to go with the tree's growth.

No inflatable snow globes for us, thank you.


deeje said...

Pretty! I love the combination of blue and white, and how the wall behind the tree just glows.

So few people around here are willing take the time to outline the branches and make a sculptural statement out of lighting the tree. It's more common for people to just fling a string or two of lights randomly into the tree... which to me looks as though they blew into the branches the way those stupid plastic shopping bags do. Blech.

I'm putting up the indoor decorations today - will have to remember to grab pix afterwards!

angelena99 said...

OOoooooh, I LOVE that!

Yes, and what Deeje said about taking the time to outline the branches - that's why none of our trees are lit, because, well, I'm lazy.

Anne E. said...


We string up colored lights inside our living room and then leave them up until we feel spring is sufficiently under way to not need them any more. It's our "rainbow cave." The white lights stay up all year round - just because we like them.