Friday, October 31, 2008

I've done everything

Mou zenbu yatta

When I decided to marry the Pumpkin Daddy, I was not 100% sure it was the right decision. I had figured out he was funny and nice to his girlfriend (me), but that that didn't always mean that he would be funny and nice to his wife (should it be me?).

I'd entered my 30s and I had dreams of having children. Biology had a time limit (I know, not a statement that would go over well with some feminists, but it's a scientific truth), and I wasn't getting any further away from it. I figured that since I was financially independent, I could afford to take the chance. If all else failed, I could leave and go back to taking care of myself. So I decided to take the risk.

Tonight, I came home very tired. After I put the Pumpkin Princess to bed, I more or less collapsed on the couch. He said to me in a very casual, matter of fact way, "I've already done everything. The dishes are washed and the floor is swiffed. Why don't you go shower and get ready for bed?"

We have been married four years now. He is still funny and nice. So far, so good.


angelena99 said...

Awww, what a champ!! Kudos to the Pumpkin Daddy!

sheri said...

Yay for the Pumpkin Daddy!!! What a great guy!

Livy (^_^)v said...

Owww... that was sooo SWEET of him.
You're so lucky to have him in your life.
Yes, life isn't always that sweet, but you can always fall in love all over again to each other in times you have never expected.
As the wives, we know there are times when we're not lovable at all, and we'll find our men would be there standing so strong by our sides, telling us they'd stay for good.
God bless their hearts (^_^)v