Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I felt down for a while, but I'm all right.

Ochikondari mo shita kedo, watashi ha genki desu.

(Picture of the cherry blossoms near our house about two weeks ago. We don't have cherry blossom trees in our garden because while cherry blossoms are beautiful, the big fat hairy caterpillars love the young leaves. And sometimes those caterpillars fall on your head.)

The calendar this year cheats us out of a holiday (April 29th is a Saturday this year) but I’m going to make my Golden Week To Do List and prepare for it, unlike last year

(I think I did a pretty good job with last year's Golden Week. It's just that I went into it unprepared, and wasted precious time and good intentions because of it. Oh, and I didn't alter those two pairs of pants either, because of the thread color fiasco.)

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Annie Crow said...

I did almost nothing I planned to over Spring Break. And now it's done and we're into the start of crazy summer scheduling. Maybe my subconscious knew I needed to not do much of anything.