Sunday, March 20, 2016

Little and cute

Chiisakute kawaii

I am typing this waiting for my 100 yen shop nail polish to dry. I don't wear nail polish very often, so I usually end up with a clumpy bottle before I finish. Cheap (but reasonably good) nail polishes are a must.

So. The other day, I was watching TV and 19 year-old Sara Takanashi was on a talk show.

OMG she's so tiny and cute! And she's the Women's Ski Jumping World Cup Champion! And she's so tiny and cute! I want to hold her and cuddle her tell her how awesome she is and put her in my tote bag and carry her around and feed her chocolate brownies and wear matching bracelets with her and the Pumpkin Princess and...and...

I looked her up on Wikipedia and I realized that she was exactly as tall as me. And her official website lists her as being 1 cm taller.

So, I guess putting her in my tote bag and carrying her around isn't an option. But if she wants brownies and matching bracelets, I'm in if she's in...

Ran about 8k this morning, which I haven't done in about five months. It was o.k....I think...get back to me in a couple of days, and I'll let you know how badly my body hates me. The Pumpkin Prince ran about a kilometer on Friday and said he would run every morning, but he hasn't run at all since then, which is probably what one should expect from an almost 2nd year elementary school student (sho-ni). We should probably run up and down slopes a bit before the actual 2k, since the race is notorious for its hilly terrain.

In anticipation of our family 2k this summer (and the preceding training), we went to the sporting goods store and bought running gear for the Pumpkin Prince and Princess. The Pumpkin Prince's stuff can double as tennis gear. Without coordinating anything, they both chose Adidas stuff. Then the Pumpkin Daddy decided he wanted stuff to match the Pumpkin Prince, so he got some new Adidas stuff. I didn't want to be left out, so I checked out the Adidas stuff for women, and it was pastel...which is nice, but didn't match with the rest of the family.

My friends in the US are feeling the effects of Daylight Savings Time. Japan used to have it too. It was during the post WWII American occupation. It ended when the occupation did. Every so often, there's discussion of bringing it back, but after its ending in 1952, it has yet to return.

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Annie Crow said...

Oh, I never know which countries bother with DST and which don't. Really there's no good reason for it anymore, if there ever was.

Way to go getting yourself and the Pumpkin Prince ready for this race!