Monday, February 3, 2014

Don't they fight?

Kenka shimasenka?

Yesterday we went to one of the local malls. I scored a navy blue blazer from Zara at 70% off. So, yay! While I was there, I spotted a bulletin about the "letters to Santa" that were displayed during the Christmas season. The main gist of the bulletin was that the letters to Santa brought joy to many and that they were sent to the local Shinto shrine where they will probably be burned (burning things is a way to send things to the gods. See Dondoyaki.)

So there's Santa, which is…an European tradition based on a blend of Christian and pre-Christian beliefs, and Shinto shrines, which are, well, a blend of animism and sun and ancestor worship.

The letters have probably already been answered in the form of presents, so it probably doesn't matter what happens do them…but I wonder what would happen if you put Santa Claus and Amaterasuoomikami in the same ring?

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