Saturday, July 21, 2012

This (is what we're doing) this year!

Kotoshi ha kore!
Does anyone remember last year's green curtain? And how were were up to our necks in goya (bitter gourds) that the kids didn't like?

I have learned from experience, and this year I went with something that the kids would eat.

That's right, I have watermelon vines growing in containers outside my dining area. They're small, and I'm probably only going to get four or five watermelons from two very large containers, but the cool factor of having watermelons growing in my yard is pretty much off the charts humongous. 

In other news...Snail's Pace English School now has a new student. Our neighbor's 9 year-old, whom the Pumpkin Princess idolizes, has joined in classes. I was having (somewhat expected) problems with getting the Pumpkin Princess to say stuff and carry conversations with me, so I recruited the 9 year-old. I've done one lesson without and two lessons with the new girl, and the difference was...well, me trying to force the Pumpkin Princess to do something she doesn't want to do, and a functional children's English class.

So there are now 4 students (the Pumpkin Princess, the new girl, the Pumpkin Prince, and the Pumpkin Daddy), which is pretty good for doing group stuff like games and practicing talking to each other. We'll see how it goes. Right now, my concern is that there might be two weeks in a row without classes because of my work and family stuff. I'm trying to think of a way to make up at least the second missed lesson without driving everyone crazy...


Annie Crow said...

Okay, how cool! Both the watermelons (D would think you are the most awesome person ever) and the language classes.

Annie Crow said...

I showed D the photos of the pumpkin prince eating watermelon and this one of it growing. He's very jealous.

TiaMK said...

We grew passion fruit outside our bedroom window (ironic I know!) this summer. Only thing is.. it never produced any fruit! Just huge leaves. Very cool and shady but, isn't part of the process having something edible as well? If I knew it was only going to be leaves I'd asked for morning glory plants like we had on the other side of the house!
It's November as I write this and we. still. have. LEAVES! Just leaves!
Getting tired of not being able to use one of the laundry poles because ants crawl on the leaves and then onto the laundry.

pumpkinmommy said...

Wait a minute, it's ironic? Um, TMI...I, never mind :) Too bad about the fruit (there's probably a teenage joke in there somewhere, but I'm a respectable old married lady). Thanks for the info about the laundry poles. I'd been kicking around the idea of doing something with the upstairs balcony next summer, but now that I know about the ants, I think I'll pass.