Sunday, October 2, 2011

Field Day


The Pumpkin Prince is the one in the green striped shirt. Note the enthusiasm with which he applies himself.

The Pumpkin Princess is not to be outdone by her little brother. The Pumpkin Daycare has gym uniforms for kids in the 3 year-old class and older. They're worn about three times a year, so they tell you to buy them in the size they'll be in their last year there.

I didn't get any pictures this year because the Pumpkin Daddy was doing the lines (no, Brit Friends, he is not writing "I will not create a disturbance in class" 100 times, he was drawing the chalk powder lines on the field so the kiddies knew where to start and turn at each event) and I had the video camera. These pictures are swiped from the Pumpkin Daddy blog.


Annie Crow said...

The photos aren't visible... sad face.

pumpkinmommy said...

Funny...I came here to fix that and now I can see them...