Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Do I smell?

Watashi niou?

I had the chance to see "Wicked" quite a while back. It was absolutely wonderful, and I had really great company. But I think I am quite the cynic and spoilsport, because in the scene where Fiyero and Elphaba finally reunite and they sing this beautiful song about how "every moment as long as you're mine, I'll wake up my body and make up for lost time" I was thinking "you know, she's been on the run for quite some time, she's probably not showered in a while..."

(This concern only applies to the musical version, in the original novel, water is dangerous to Elphaba and she won't go near it.)

It's been a whole month since the quake, but there are still something like 150,000 people in the refugee shelters, for whom things like baths and showers or even frequent hand washing are luxuries. I think in the Hanshin-Awaji quake in 1994, a lot of the survivors were in temporary shelters within the month. Of course, the area and number of people affected by the quake is nothing like 1994.

So keep us in your hearts, and please remember, and if you see it in a store or a restaurant, it's safe to eat/ drink/ use, even if it's Japanese.


Tia K. said...

I saw where one family got into the temp housing and the father turned on the tap and said 'Look! Water! Running water!' Then he commented that even the little 'taken for granted things' are precious now.

pumpkinmommy said...

There are so many things we take for granted, to think of them all is paralyzing. I am beginning to wonder if limiting the time/ energy thinking about the whole thing, getting on with life as I have always known it, and buying stuff like I always have is what will best help survivors (since I am not really doing anything to help them directly, this obviously would not be the case if you are a relief worker or somesuch).

Tia K. said...

I'm feeling the same. I keep thinking of the damage like an injury. At first, you're all about protecting the site and getting the right medicines and bandages. Later, it's 'it only hurts when I touch it'. Now, I'm getting to the stage where it's becoming... 'oh yeah, I hurt my arm last month'... Not quite the same but...
You are a bit closer than I am but we are still not personally or directly affected by the earthquakes/tsunami.