Friday, October 15, 2010

Twice as good

Nibai ii!

The other day, the Pumpkin Daycare had its annual field day.

There are two Chinese families in the Pumpkin Princess's class (a pair of twin girls and a boy). I was talking to the boy's mom, and the twins' mom showed up and they started chattering away in Mandarin Chinese. I picked up exactly two words, "Nihao" (hello) and "arzi" (son).

So since the average Japanese person would probably only have picked up "Nihao," it's safe to say that my Mandarin Chinese is twice as good as most people, right?


deeje said...

At least! :)

Tia K. said...

Not about your blog but...

Happy Anniversary this weekend! 'The wedding that made the earth shake!!' Hee!
Hope you do something special or at least, feel special on this day!