Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm home!


OK, back from Vienna...much accomplished in terms of both work and play, thanks in no small part to the excellent company (boss and two junior co-workers).


This is the seat belt on an Austrian Air economy class seat. I would have thought it was Wonder Woman if 1) I were flying on an American airline 2) the wings were not there.


Johann Strauss. In gold.


St. Stephan's Cathedral was being restored. How cool are those drapes that accurately show what they are covering?

We rode the elevator to the belfry and saw this.


"Ich fergebe Dir" is painted on a roof. This would translate into "I forgive thee" were it not grammatically incorrect. Not that I would have known if the sign hadn't told me...Anne?


No Starbucks for us, not that I'd complain.

Sorry, no work pictures. I don't write about the technical aspects of work here, unless I need to do so when one of my co-workers is living out an episode of General Hospital.

While I was away, the Pumpkin Prince and Princess stayed with my parents during the workweek, and the Pumpkin Daddy took them to his mom's house on Friday evening. While there, the Pumpkin Prince chose that time to develop a very high fever. This involved a febrile seizure and an emergency trip to the local duty pediatrician (I am slightly disturbed that these did not happen in that order, but at this point, only slightly, since he is obviously fine now). What has happened with the Pumpkin Prince (again, he's fine now, I'm talking about what he and my parents and the Pumpkin Daddy went through while I was gone) makes it hard for me to go on another trip like this, but I do hope that other people at work will be able to, because there is so much to be gained.


Kitchen Sinks said...
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Annie Cat said...

Should be, "Ich vergebe dich." Or, "Ich vergebe Sie," depending on whether you're using the formal "you" or not. Either way, both the spelling of the verb and the case of the pronoun are incorrect.

What an odd place to paint that phrase, and what a labor-intensive thing to do and then not even get it right. Makes me think of some of the billboards we see driving into southwestern Ohio (as we start to enter the Bible belt).

That coffee drink looks heavenly. Glad you had a good time. So sorry about the Pumpkin Prince!

sheri said...

Glad you had a good trip!

And been there, done that with the febrile siezure, so I feel for your husband and family. It's very scary, but they bounce back pretty quickly. My son was three when he had one. Never had another one (he's 20 now), if that makes you feel any better.

((((Pumpkin family))))

pumpkinmommy said...

Anne, the error in capitalization would be mine. I guess that's what you get for studying German by listening to CDs while commuting and nothing else. If the photo were better, you would be able to tell that the letters are all capitals.

Thank you, Sheri. Both my brother and i were prone to febrile seizures as kids, so my mom had been through it before. My dad and the Pumpkin Daddy were seriously freaked out, though!

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