Thursday, November 12, 2009

1 win, 3 losses

Issho sanpai

Annie Cat (The Pea Mommy) sent me a card in which she had written the following:

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, with well-behaved children, an attentive husband, stressfree workday, and good food!

Let me see...

The Pumpkin Princess whined that she wanted to wear a short skirt to day care without leggings in late autumn temps, and threw a temper tantrum when told no. (The Prince was difficult too, but at not quite eight months, I don't hold him responsible for his behavior yet).

The Pumpkin Daddy presented me with a single red rose, even though he'd already bought me a very pretty handbag 2 weeks ago as my birthday present.

I was assigned to represent the department in a meeting where an outside organization comes to dress down the entire workplace, one department at a time.

Dinner was frozen chicken cutlets, leftover steamed nappa cabbage, miso soup with tofu and scallions, and rice.

So it was one win and three losses. (OK, dinner wasn't exactly a loss, the chicken was pretty good and I'll probably buy it again, and the miso soup and rice turned out just fine just like they usually do).

Where I would be without the Pumpkin Daddy, I do not know.

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Annie Cat said...

I feel the same way about The Dude. May the rest of your year go more smoothly.