Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gotta be fashionable!

Oshare shinakucha!

I have a love/ hate relationship with fashion, especially shoes. I go through phases in which I decide I need to look like the professional I am, go out and buy cute shoes with heels higher than an inch, wear them, decide they are uncomfortable, go buy "sensible" shoes, wear them, decide they don't make me look like the professional I am, go out and buy cute shoes (or, if the cycle is short enough for the previous cute shoes to still be acceptable, dust off and shine old ones), decide they are uncomfortable...

So I decided I needed to look like the professional I am, and bought a pair of beige sandals to wear with my light colored skirts and pants. They were on sale, so I didn't really scrutinize them for comfort. I wore them to work today. I only walked from the parking lot and back, but I got blisters. I think I will go back to being sensible tomorrow.

My current "sensible" shoes aren't too bad as far as sensible shoes go, I think.

They're a lot like these, but with coin-like objects stitched on the strap for decoration, and have velcro closures. I bought them while pregnant with the Pumpkin Prince. They're more comfortable than sneakers (trainers to my Brit friends!) and marginally professional looking. Maybe I'll just go out and buy another pair of these in a different color...


Annie Cat said...

Your "sensible" shoes look like my "nice/cute" shoes. How much more stylish do you want to be at work? (I guess, that is, what are the other women around you wearing?)

Well, I like your sensible shoes, at any rate.

pumpkinmommy said...

They're my "nice/ cute sensible" shoes :P The shoes the other women at work wear to work include but are not limited to Ralph Lauren driving shoes, Jill Stuart sandals, Cynthia Rowley pumps, and Prada flats. I've tried the first three on various occasions, but they were too narrow. The last one, I've never tried.

The shoes the women wear at work include Birkenstock slingback clogs, Crocs, and sneakers. This trend I can keep up with.