Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's too soon.

Mada hayasugiru.

I tried explaining to her that you had to have a baby first.

I'm not sure she understood me.


Annie Cat said...

Have you been able to get that to work for you? I ended up giving up and buying a heavy-duty electric one.

pumpkinmommy said...

It works quite nicely, which is probably why she's so fascinated by it. I got this one to use at home when I go back to work and leave the electric pump at work (I'm thinking I'll bring home just the parts that need washing and, um, the finished product). Since you seem to be doing the "make lunch for the baby to take to day care" thing, you're probably better off with a heavy-duty double pump anyway, although I know of people who get great letdown with manual pumps.

Livy said...

Owww... she's so cute.
Waaaaakakakakakakakakakk... (^o^)
Look how she imitated you with the breast pump.
What a smart little girl.

Hubby bought me a manual one, just weeks before baby Lex was born.
It was a good one.
But I preferred my baby to drink right from the source, cos I didn't have much to give away anyway. So for his milk, he got about 30% from me and the rest from Wyeth (S-26 Gold).